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Graduating Students

European City Campus is a collaborative venture affiliated with esteemed institutions such as London College of Professional Studies (UK), City University (Malaysia), Universidad Del Pacifico (Nicaragua), Azteca University (Mexico), and Britanny University (France). Our consortium offers an extensive array of over 100 courses spanning Foundation, Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and PhD level qualifications.

Through strategic partnerships with accredited universities and Ofqual regulated awarding bodies, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality in Foundation, Diploma, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate programs.

Our commitment to international standards ensures the quality and global recognition of our qualifications. This recognition allows students to seamlessly enter the final year of Bachelor's degree programs in universities worldwide. Additionally, our qualifications grant direct access to top-up stages in various Master’s degree programs, offering students the opportunity to pursue international credentials with reduced time and cost investments.

Embracing the vast potential of virtual learning platforms, we provide comprehensive module-by-module support through digital channels. This flexibility enables students to access our qualifications via distance learning or in a classroom setting, empowering them to choose their preferred location and study at their convenience, all at an affordable cost.

Explore our range of diploma courses on the European City Campus website:

At European City Campus, we boast a diverse student body representing over 150 countries, with more than 1100 online students successfully completing their courses. Our institution offers a spectrum of diplomas including Health & Social Care Management, Education & Training, Health & Nutrition, Business & Management, Account & Finance, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, among others. These diplomas span across different levels - Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, and Level 7 - offering a comprehensive array of courses and qualifications. Additionally, we offer accredited Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in collaboration with esteemed universities.


Our unwavering commitment to the highest academic and professional standards drives us to be globally recognized for our exceptional teaching resources, robust support system, and abundant opportunities for our students.

Our Aim


At our core, we are committed to delivering high-caliber teaching, fostering exceptional learning experiences, and conducting assessments that lead to remarkable success. Our foremost priority is ensuring all our learners access a secure and top-tier learning environment. We center our efforts on learner achievement and progression, ingrained within the design and delivery of our comprehensive programs.

Our Vision

We aspire to stand out as the premier education and training provider in Sri Lanka, recognized for our unparalleled success and valued contributions to the educational landscape.


Our Mission


ECC revolves around our learners, placing them at the heart of our endeavors. We pave the way for success by leveraging the excellence of our teaching and the inherent quality of our courses. Our mission is to open doors to opportunities and actively shape better futures through education.

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