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Enhance your skills further. Openings are ready for the upcoming enrollment. Our campus is a vibrant, multicultural hub that draws top-notch individuals from across the globe and locally, fostering a diverse environment for students and faculty.

A contemporary educational establishment providing courses in practical training across various fields. We equip students with the necessary expertise for employment in Sri Lanka and the global arena. Our teaching methodology blends classroom teachings with extensive hands-on practice, ensuring graduates understand not just the theory but also the real-world application of their skills.

Highly skilled group of instructors available to provide academic assistance

Allow our team to elevate and expand your understanding. What sets our Faculty apart is the blend of academic expertise, practical industry backgrounds, and an unyielding dedication to imparting knowledge. This embodies ECC's commitment to delivering consistent excellence in both traditional classroom teachings and higher-level knowledge dissemination. Every staff member undergoes rigorous training led by senior Faculty, both internally and externally, ensuring alignment with international educational benchmarks and needs.

Recognition of European City Campus in Sri Lanka

The European City Campus stands out as a distinctive establishment offering access to global educational prospects for students in Sri Lanka. It has built a commendable reputation, both academically and within the global academic community. Its educational programs have gained recognition from the UGC Council in Sri Lanka due to its international collaborations.

A diverse selection of courses is available

We offer a diverse selection of courses that are distinctive, valuable, and acknowledged by various industries. Our comprehensive array of programs spans training, diplomas, Higher National Diplomas (HNDs), undergraduate, and postgraduate courses, consistently introduced to maintain the educational standards for a wide audience.


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