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Complaint Procedure

Making a complaint

If Students are considering making a complaint to European City Campus, they should first:

  • Try to sort out the problem with those who are directly involved if Students feel able to do so. Generally, complaints are resolved more easily and effectively at an early stage and by those who have a direct influence on the situation. We call this "Frontline Resolution".

  • If Students, speak to an Adviser from European City Campus. Advisers from European City Campus have a great deal of relevant experience and knowledge of European City Campus procedures, and can also assist with potential complaints about interpersonal matters involving students or staff.

If a complaint can not be resolved, Students should need to talk with the Management of European City Campus to resolve their complaints.


The procedure involves up to two stages and adheres, as far as possible, to a specified timescale. Anyone wishing to raise a complaint about a matter which is the responsibility of European City Campus must do so via this procedure.

Expected Behaviour Policy

The policy sets out expectations for behaviour by parties involved in Appeals, Complaints and Student Conduct procedures and specifies how European City Campus will manage cases where behaviour is problematic.

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